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This is where we can help you

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We can follow you through the processes of technological innovation and renewal, helping you develop your ideas, whatever their degree of maturity (TRL). From (TRL 1 observation of basic principles) up to TRL 9 (full demonstration of the system in real operating environment).

If needed, even making the technical documentation for funding proposals to MISE or in Regional Calls for Proposals.

Internet of Things

Where the fragmentation, dynamic nature, and heterogeneity of data sources require a multidisciplinary approach.

Asset Tracking

For monitoring moving objects lacking an autonomous power source

Embedded Systems

When you need a custom Harwdare and Software solution

Energy Management

When it is necessary to integrate and optimize different subsystems to save energy ,while respecting the environment and the regulations

Smart Spaces

When the need is an ecosystem of interacting objects, sensors, devices, and embedded systems that can self-organize, provide services, and manage their own resources.

Safety Critical Processes

Where risk levels, containment and recovery measures must be known in advance

wood from above - taryn-elliott.jpg

Whatever your problem, if it fits one or more of our fields of competence, we will deliver a solution, setting up the right mix of skills and service capabilities. 

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We will find a way

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